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.sing me something soft.

9 September
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my name is alisa

friends like to call me ali, so feel free.

i'm twenty years old; turning twenty-one in september.

i love the arts,

you know:

writing, reading, acting, singing, dancing, painting, sculpting...

just creativity in general, i suppose.

i also have a tendency to ramble.

about life, about movies, about celebrities, about whatever.

currently obsessions: robert pattinson, brandon boyd, harry potter, reading of any sort.

i post a lot, because i like to.

i figure hey, its my journal. if i feel like posting 20 times today, thats my perogative.

please don't think i'm going to censor myself for you


i like people.

in fact, i love them.

so if you read this and thought

"hm. i'd like to get to know you, alisa."

then please... follow along.

p.s. - join my community? iamnot_offended