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So much for that promise of daily posting, right?

Yeah, so basically... I've been busy. Lol. And internet-less. I spend my days in class and my nights out and about. It seems I have more of a life now than I did before I was completely free. Funny how that works, eh?

A lot of people don't like it there. They think it's ghetto and the food is nasty. And they don't like that they have to leave to drink. I don't mind it. I kind of like it. I feel like the campus is rustic - like a small university or something. I live in a dorm full of crazy girls. I live in a room with three of the coolest girls I can possibly live with. I don't have any complaints. Okay, I do have one. Can I get a mutha fuckin' conjugal visit, bitch?! Yeah, thats right. Of all the things to miss, I'm missing intimacy the most. Sigh, who knew?

The only place to get unblocked internet while I'm there is at the Chevron across the street. Of all the places to have free wifi, right? Yeah, its crazy. But it's cool... when I get the chance, I go. Mostly though, I'm stuck via telephone. :]

So yeah. That's what has been going on with me. Weird how things turn around so quickly. One minute I'm losing a best friend, the next I'm sleeping on a floor in a roach infested homestead, and then after that? I'm in Utah, happier than I have been in a while.


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Oh what.

Hello again LJ. Happy fun times.

Just thought I should let you know that I've got good news. Job Corps called, and I'm leaving on the 10th. I'm nervous and excited and scared. I can't wait to go. I'm ready to leave this place.  It's going to be a doozy, for sure. A lot of rules, a lot of stuff. But I'm still excited.

The California EBT system is ridiculous, There's no money in an account that is supposed to have 200 dollars. There's a transaction history entry that states that it was put onto the account, but when the account is checked there's nothing. And also, the card gets denied. Like there's no money, or something. It's really ridiculous. It's pissing me off. A lot.

Anyway... yeah. More distractions. That always happens. Lol. It's alright though, because I love them.

I'm going to stop now. Bye bye LJ. <3

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Hi LJ,

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. It's been a little bit crazy and - hell - I just haven't been in the mood to write. Also, my apologies for skimping on my reading/commenting. Honestly I haven't been on livejournal at all. Sorry gang, pinky swear I'll be making a better effort. Also, I'll be reading my friends page, finally. Hope I haven't missed anything important. :/

So... things that have been happening:

  • didn't know whether or not the fifteen would prove us to be homeless.
  • considering job corps
  • had another one of those fun "talks" they seem to be so fond of
  • pawned some stuff
  • birthday's coming up
  • breakdowns.

And behind the cut...

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I'm watching House right now. It made me tear up. Severely. No tears, just welling up. I feel like such a dope most of the time. :/

So... I guess I want to apologize one more time. This entry probably doesn't make much sense. I wasn't really thinking about how the sentences sounded as much as I just wanted to get them out. Does that make sense? I don't know.

Alright, before I baffle myself anymore...
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you know whats frustrating?
people getting butt hurt about things that they don't need to.
if you post something on the internet, something that is actually yours, then yeah. i can see getting pissed when someone tries to say it's there. but if they're using it? they haven't said anything, done anything that might have said "hey, this is mine. i totally did this, all me. la de da." then you need to back off. you put it on the internet, completely un"marked" so to speak, expect someone to use it somewhere. you can't go around getting pissed when people say post it on a blog. what, because people aren't going to hail you as the hipster photographer of the year, you're getting pissed? fuck you. have pride that people like your work, and when someone asks, you can say "yeah, i took that. check out the OTHER stuff i did."
HOWEVER. when you have pulled something from another site; something that isn't yours. and someone else modifies it, and then you get pissed off over that? fuck you twice. you have no right. you did what anyone else could've done: you went on a website, saw something you liked, and posted it. isn't that the point of doing that? so other people can like it as well? who cares who the credit for the find went to, because i could just as easily have done it myself. so if anything, thanks for making it more "readily available" to me. but fuck you, your post. and where'd YOU get it from? did you credit THAT person, who got it originally? no? oh well, then fuck off.

maybe my interest in the internet is slowly ceasing. people are just pissing me off, straight up.

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oh hello, i just thought i'd share something that i found to be darling.


so this kid, evan taubenfeld, opened at the snakes and suit show i went to back in march. he was a super sweet kid, and after the show i got to talk to him and get this picture:

so then a few weeks later [maybe less] he posts a bulletin on myspace and is like "hey! got a picture with me? send it and it could be in my video!". so i'm like... for sure. why not. i like showing off. so i send it in, as well as these crazy release forms and shit, and then i don't hear about it forever. so today i got this comment from a friend i was at the show with, regarding my picture:

so i'm like "SAY WHAT." and i rush to youtube and look for the video:


and that's my awesome story. and i feel pretty damn cool right now, not going to lie. :]
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there's a fire outside.

the sky is gray. the light is orange. it smells of burning land. it's been awhile since i've encountered this, but it's just the same as i remember.

don't worry guys, i'm not in any real danger. i never really am. it's just interesting to step outside and smell it, look out the window and see the clouds. notice the normally yellow light turned orange, and how at 1:30 in the afternoon, it looks like 6:00.

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click the photo for my deviantart page.
it's where i post most of my "real" photography, i guess.
so give it a looksie, maybe? :]
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Bella: Mom i dont wanna go
Renee: Too bad. Suck it up
Bella: Ok
*On a plane*
Bella: WEE
Charlie: Yo wasap
Bella: Hi
*goes to school*
Bella: Hey look a hot guy
Edward: She smells funny
Bella: I think he thinks i smell funny
Bella: No one likes me
Eric: Hey. Your Hot
Bella: No one loves me
Mike: Hey. I love you
Edward: Hi i am edward. I watch you while you sleep
Bella: ...Ok weird
Bella: OMFG!!! VEHICLE!!!!
Edward: *pushy*
Bella: ohmygod. You saved me
Edward: No i didn’t
Bella: Yeah you did
Edward: No i didn’t
Bella: Yeah you did!
Bella: HI JACOB!
Jacob: Yo. Edward is a vampire man. Stay away. He sucks blood
Bella: Really?
Jacob: Yeah. Your hot
*does research*
Edward: Durr
Bella: I love you
Edward: I love you too. Look I sparkle
Bella: Walky walky walky walky OMFG THERE ARE PEOPLE FOLLOWING ME!
Edward: Get into my car i can do freaky things!
Bella: Wee!
Edward: Lets eat
Bella: Your weird
Edward: I can read minds.
Bella: Your weird
Edward: I don’t eat
Bella: Your weird
Edward: Do you like Baseball?
Bella: No
Edward: Let’s play
Edward: This is my family. We like baseball
Jasper: I have no Emotions
Rosalie: I am a bitch. Grr
Emmit: I am strong.
Carlisle: I is a doctor. i have seen you before you freak
Esme: I love you
Laurant: I is black
James: i am hungry. I wanna eat Bella
*breaks Bella’s Leg*
Bella: Owwie!
*Kills James*
Bella: Woo
Edward: I love you
Bella: I love you
Kissy Kissy